Update 08/4/2015"Implementing Process Application using IBM BPM on Cloud (and on Premise) - Primer" Step by Step Development through Deployment Guide:

1. About BPM on Cloud Guide (Must Read)

2. Getting-Started and About the Process Application

3. Prepare-Your-Workstation

4. Lab1-Model Process App

5. Lab2-Implement Process App(Enhancement1)

6. Lab3-Implement Process App(Enhancement2)

7. Lab4-Test and Deploy Process App

8. Appendix-1 (BPM-on-Cloud-Registration)

9. Appendix-2 (BPM-on-Premise)

Click here to download chapters 1 to 9 zip file    Updated on 08/4/2015 (Lab1 is updated based on feedback)

Use 30 day free trial of BPM on Cloud service from IBM (details provided in the download). Great opportunity to jump-start on BPM development.

The content of this guide is provided for free on-line, to make IBM customersconsultants, andstudents successful in using the tools and products on BPM on Cloud.

DISCLAIMER: Author decided to make it available on-line for free, because the content is technically verified by reviewer(s) and each step works(but the content is neither proof read nor went through the publishing process). So please download at your own risk.