Do you know that WebSphere Portal Server V6 (WP V6) is based on WebSphere Application Server V6.0.2.9 (WAS V6)?.

If you are familiar with WAS V6 architecture and administration, and want to get started with WP V6 then it is the time. Having good knowledge of WAS V6 will help you quickly understand many configuration scenarios of portal server and help you solve problems quickly. If you do not have a printed version of the book "WebSphere Application Server: Step by Step" that concentrates on WAS V6, then it is time to get one.

Following are the documents on WP V6, I want to provide online (free of charge) to support readers of our book. Please refer to chapter 1 (when it is made available) of WP V6 series about the sample configuration you are going to learn, build and work. Meanwhile gain good knowldege on WAS V6 if you can. Refer to chapters 1 thru 11 and 17 provided in the printed version of the book if you have not already done so.

WebSphere Portal Server V6 (WP V6) Step by Step Series:

1. WebSphere Portal Server V6: Product Overview, Pakaging and Sample Scenerio: Click here

2. WebSphere Portal Server V6: Architecture, Installation, Configuration, Verification and Management on a Stand-alone Node: Click here

3. WebSphere Portal Server V6: Configuration Data Transfer to Database: Click here

4. WebSphere Portal Server V6: User Registry Transfer to LDAP Server: Click here

5. WebSphere Portal Server V6: Virtual Portals and multiple realms: Click here

Step-by-Step Cluster Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal v6.0 (without Process Server) by Hunter Tweed and Jerry Dancy: click here

Step-by-Step Cluster Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal V6.0 (with Process Server) by Jerry Dancy, WebSphere Portal Level 2 Support Technical Lead: Click here.

Did you download "Automate Installation Thru Deployment Processes in WAS V6.1 using the Installation Factory Tool"? Click here to get it, then you may be interested in
"Cloning WebSphere Portal Server V6" using Installation Factory tool documented by Marshall Lamb.
Click here to get it